Pip Pyle Passes: Legendary Progressive Rock drummer of Gong, National Health and Hatfield of the North

It was only a few months ago that I saw Pip Pyle driving behind a drum set at Nearfest, playing the first ever concert in American by Hatfield and the North. Pip was the pulse that drove you through the psychedelic journey’s of Gong and he was the rhythm shape shifter negotiating quantum rhythms in National Health and Hatfield and the North. I got to spend an evening with Pip in the 1980s when he came over with National Health and was struck by his gentle good humor and extraordinary playing. As I mentioned in an earlier blog on Nearfest, he was probably the best of the English progressive rock drummers.

This is from his website:

Born : April 4th, 1950 – Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire (England)
Died: August 28th, 2006 – Paris (France). RIP

Past Bands : Delivery (1966-70), Chicken Shack (1970-71), Gong (1971), Paul Jones Group (1972), Hatfield and the North (1972-75), Weightwatchers (1975-76), National Health (1977-83), Soft Heap (1978-88), Rapid Eye Movement (1980-81), In Cahoots (1982-2001), Pip Pyle’s Equip’Out (1984-95), Patrice Meyer Trio/Quartet (1985-87), Mimi Lorenzini Trio (1987), Faton Cahen Trio (1987-88), John Greaves Band (1990-91), Short Wave (1991-96), Gong/Shapeshifter (1992-93), Hugh Hopper Band (1994), Richard Sinclair/RSVP (1994), Gong (1994-96)

Current Bands : Pip Pyle’s Bash, Absolute Zero, Hatfield and the North

There’s a bit more rhythm thunder in the heavens now.


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