The Sound & Vision of üNN

Someone sent me a link to a new video of theirs on YouTube. The music was good, but the cinematography was bad, the sound was awful and the audience was inattentive. But like all things on the web, there were links to some other videos including this one by an artist who records as üNN. His video for Starlight is quite wonderful with a hip electronica score. It’s not done justice by the YouTube mini-screen and compression, but it’s still there. üNN is Frank Rückert and he has a bunch of other videos up there as well and a very nice website.

Comment posted by
at 10/12/2007 9:45:54 AM

um, it’s ok. chill/trance/lounge seems to have a confining formula.


One Response to “The Sound & Vision of üNN”

  1. dance music online Says:

    that’s probably one of the good things that i like about youtube. it automatically gives you links of related videos. very nice. you don’t have to go searching for them. anyway, starlight sounds good. nothing special.

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