Tangerine Dream Echoes Podcast

The Tangerine Dream Echoes Feature: Synths, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll is available for download.

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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3 Responses to “Tangerine Dream Echoes Podcast”

  1. Moodi Says:

    I first heard the band in the score from the “Thief”, Michael Mann’s
    first Feature Film (1981) & mesmerized by it right away:
    “What a strange, intense & captivating music is it!, …” was my response. 😉

    • echoesblog Says:

      Yes, and I think that’s still their best score, although Sorcerer is really good as well. Funny how they’ve completely dropped off the soundtrack scene.

      • Moodi Says:

        Almost agreed but, IMHO the other best piece of music they created for a Hollywood flick is the score for “Miracle Mile (1989)”, since unlike “Sorcerer” & “Thief” it can stand alone as a good Studio Album. (strongly recommend both the film & score, though I bet you have at least heard the music) 😀
        But about their shifting turn in the late 80’s, as i’m sure you know, they decided not to repeat themselves as a prog-band and took a new path as a conventional New Age band like Enigma. Although they lost a lot from old fan-base, this new direction was also somehow successful since they got 7 Grammy Nomination & a Best documentary music-video (Telly Award for Oasis_1997) and many high New Age chart positions in the 90’s.

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