New Moby Song & Video @ NPR

I caught a great new song by Moby for an NPR thing called Project Song.  They invite an artist in to compose and record a song in two days.  Moby came in with singer Kelli Scarr and they recorded a gorgeous song that stands up to materiel on Moby’s Wait for Me on which Scarr sang the title track.  The “making of” in the video is moderately interesting, but they play the entire song at the end.



2 Responses to “New Moby Song & Video @ NPR”

  1. Danny Payne Says:

    I do not like NPR. The underlying theme is liberal and it should reflect ALL THINGS or opinions. (The National in NPR is missing)

    This post was not about a political view and I thinks it was amazing. Good Job

    • echoesblog Says:

      Thank you. While I try to determine if this is some automated campaign spamming any blog mentioning NPR, I’ll go on record and say, as far as I’m concerned, NPR represents the only news reporting approaching “balanced” in the country.

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