Beardyman Hyper-Kinetic Joy

There are DJ’s, beatboxers and techno-wizards and then, there is Beardyman.   For 38 minutes of pure unalloyed joy, watch him in this video and keep in mind, it’s all live.  I’ve seen some great Kaos Pad performances by Ulrich Schnauss and Jon Hopkins, but for pure kinetic energy, this one is unreal.   You have to sit through an opening rap, but then, Get Happy!

Thanks to Charlie North for the pointer on Facebook.

John Diliberto ((( echoes ))

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3 Responses to “Beardyman Hyper-Kinetic Joy”

  1. Charlie North Says:

    You’re most welcome! Thanks for the credit. Really pleased you like the vid. He really is one of leading lights of the moment.

  2. general fuzz Says:

    That was INCREDIBLE

  3. worntreads Says:

    It really is incredible what some people can do. I wish he’d taken a bit more time to develop some of those beats though. Frenetic to say the least, still… pretty bad-ass!

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