Echoes Audio Goes Video with Jimmy Wahlsteen

See pictures put to Echoes audio in this video of Jimmy Wahlsteen.   His album,  181st Songs was an Echoes CD of the Month in January of 2010 and it made the 25 Essential Echoes CDs for 2010.

Candyrat Records put up a video where they took the complete audio from the Echoes review heard on our Echo Location segment, and cut pictures and live performance, perfectly synchronized with the original Echoes audio.


John Diliberto ((( echoes )))


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2 Responses to “Echoes Audio Goes Video with Jimmy Wahlsteen”

  1. Denise Says:

    Wonderful Sound.

  2. richardmitnick Says:

    Hey- just found you guys. I see that YOU have a Like button, but I am still curious, I don’t think either of my two blogs has one.

    But I do not see that you have any sort of link to Facebook or Twitter. Do you use Publicize? With two blogs, I had to give that up in favor of manually pushing everything out top Facebook and Twitter via buttons on the blog. It is a long story and it was a real mess. Neither Facebook nor Twitter are organized for you to have two different identities.

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