Marconi Union Channels Ambient Miles

Marconi Union, the ambient duo from England, has a new collaboration with trumpeter Giorgio Li Calzi. It’s part of his Organum project which features a lot of collaborations and among them is the track “Blue Lights” with MU.  They’ve got it posted up on Soundcloud.  It’s a nice drifty track with Miles Davis-inspired trumpet by Li Calzi playing over MU’s slow motion freefall textures. 

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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2 Responses to “Marconi Union Channels Ambient Miles”

  1. CD Says:

    Shhhhh…… Relaxin’.

  2. NA Says:

    Deeeeeeep! Nice interaction between trumpet and piano…I think it’s their new member playing keys, also plays with Acrifolia?

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