Brian Eno’s Poetronica

Brian Eno has a new album coming out called Drums Between the Bells cut with poet Ric Holland.  Scheduled for a July 4 release, it’s a longtime project Eno has been incubating and a little of it came out on Another Day On Earth in 2005.  Echoes listeners may also recall hearing some of this music when we interviewed Eno in 2003.  Here’s a piece in it’s early stages that I think was called “Click.”

Now they’ve put up a track from the fruition of this project called “Glitch.”

Generally, poetry and music projects fall flat in the land of academic pretense and artful earnestness, but there is an energy to Eno’s work in this zone that I find compelling.  Maybe it’s Eno’s manic rhythm fragmentation with his KAOS Pads.

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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2 Responses to “Brian Eno’s Poetronica”

  1. Jonathan Cazenave Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, John. Its is a fun listen and good to hear some real Eno on Soundcloud!

  2. The rise of poetronica - Catch Fire Music - Catch Fire Music Says:

    […] Drums Between the Bells, Rick Holland’s collaboration with Brian Eno, released on Warp Records back in July, was dubbed “poetronica” by critics and bloggers. […]

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