New Ulrich Schnauss Track

Ulrich Schnauss @ Echoes

We’ve been waiting a while for new music by Ulrich Schnauss, which is one reason we were so behind Winterlight’s Hope Dies Last with it’s Schnaussian shoegaze moods.  Schnauss reports a new direction and album is in the offing.  Meanwhile, he’s completed a project with Mark Peters called “Balcony Sunset” that has the earmarks of Ulrich but in a much more pastoral dimension. A full album is coming and I’d like to hear more of this.   Here’s the music with a placeholder video.

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))


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One Response to “New Ulrich Schnauss Track”

  1. Jap Jap Says:

    You might want to check out Jap Jap if you haven’t heard his work. Also inspired by Ulrich Schnauss and the shoegaze & dreampop genres he creates beautiful chillout ambient electronica. I discovered him a few weeks ago myself, you can get a free track download from his upcoming album “The Ever Expanding Light”, from this location: I think it’s magical and one of his most relaxing songs I’ve heard in a while… Regards, Peter.

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