Patrick O’Hearn leads Echoes Top 25

Patrick O’Hearn’s Transitions, our Echoes CD of the Month, leads Echoes Top 25 for October.

This month’s list is definitely plugged in, especially the Top 10 with Patrick O’Hearn (read review), Jeff Oster, Bryan Carrigan, Jon Durant, David and Steve Gordon, Steve Hackett and Falling You all being heavily electronic.  Even when acoustic instruments are played as on trumpeter Jeff Oster, guitarist Jon Durant and guitarist Steve Hackett, things are pretty heavily processed.  There’s no fewer than six vocal recordings on the list, although calling Akara’s wordless vocals with lyrics written by the “luminous beings” might be pushing it.   Akara’s Extradimensional Ethnography will top this month’s list as our CD of the Month for November.  One musician is on the list twice.  Keyboardist/programmer Bryan Carrigan has his own CD, but he’s also all over Jeff Oster’s Surrender, nearly all of which he co-composed.  That was the September CD of the Month.

Here’s the Top Ten.  You can see the entire Echoes Top 25 for October.

  1. Patrick O’Hearn – Transitions (Patrick O’Hearn Music)
  2. Johanna and the Dusty Floor – Northern Lights (Johanna and the Dusty Floor)
  3. Jeff Oster – Surrender (Retso Records)
  4. Bryan Carrigan – Passing Lights (Peonies Music)
  5. Keith Medley – Ride (Keith Medley)
  6. Bill Frisell – All We Are Saying (Savoy Jazz)
  7. Jon Durant – Dance of the Shadow Planets (Alchemy Records)
  8. David and Steve Gordon – Groove Tribe (Sequoia Records)
  9. Steve Hackett – Beyond the Shrouded Horizon (InsideOut Music)
  10. Falling You – Adore (Falling You)

John Diliberto ((( echoes ))) 

Hear Patrick O’Hearn’s Transitions featured on Echoes Monday October 3

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One Response to “Patrick O’Hearn leads Echoes Top 25”

  1. John Michael Zorko Says:

    Wow, quite an impressive list of incredible musicians / producers. I’m really, really flattered (and more than a bit humbled) that Falling You is included 🙂



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