Progressive Rock Returns WXPN 7-Hour Marathon

I’m just hours away from WXPN‘s Progressive Rock Marathon.  I’ll be joining Dan Reed, Biff Kennedy and Star’s End pilot Chuck Van Zyl  bringing Progressive rock to the airwaves of Philadelphia, Central PA and the world Saturday, January 7 from 10AM-5PM.   Since the show is a special segment of XPN’s “Highs in the 70s,”  it will be strictly 70s Prog.   Between 1974-1989, WXPN was home to Diaspar, one of the most expansive Prog shows ever.   So fans of that show still dialed in should be in heaven. I’ve got some Eloy up on my turntable now, (yes, turntable) to pick a good track from them to play on the show.

The marathon rocks in that progressive way from 10AM-5PM and I’ll be on air live from about 11AM-2PM.  Some of the artists I hope to spin include Van Der Graaf Generator, Groundhogs, Magma, Badger, Michael Rother, SFF, and lots more.  And I can pretty much guarantee you’ll Prog’s Holy Trinity: ELP, Genesis and Yes not to mention Gentle Giant, Camel, and many more from the Prog Attic.  Any last minute suggestions, drop me a comment.

While you wait, here’s an entertaining, sometimes snarky BBC Documentary on Progressive Rock.  Did you know that Carl Palmer once toured with an all-steel drum kit that weighed a few tons?

~© 2012 John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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2 Responses to “Progressive Rock Returns WXPN 7-Hour Marathon”

  1. Michael Pontrelli Says:

    Hey I randomly caught the show while driving home from a friends house near Philly – it was awesome! Lost the station near Allentown and had to download the XPN app on the iPhone to continue listening as I journeyed north. Is a recording available or do I have to wait until next year? Great job!!

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