A Song for Echoes

A lot of people have recorded albums and songs called Echoes, and I sometimes thank them for naming their recording after the show.  That actually hasn’t been their intent, except for Tim Farrell’s “Four Echoes” (from his album, Skydancer) an inside joke when I told him that any untitled song played live on the show had to be called “Song for Echoes.”

Kevin Danzig

But now someone has actually written a tune that’s partially about Echoes.  It’s by Kevin Danzig and he was part of a project put together by Echoes’ Pensacola Florida affiliate, WUWF.  They got a bunch of musicians to compose and perform homages to public radio.  One of them was Kevin Danzig who actually cites Echoes in the lyrics.  You can hear it in the second verse.

Kevin Danzig is a folk-rock artist out of California and Colorado.  Thanks for thinking of us.  We’ll continue taking you to places only we know.

~© 2012 John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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