Still Tangerine Dreaming

Tangerine Dream from Electric Mandarine Tour

There is a nice review of Tangerine Dream’s show in NYC by Jon Pareles in the New York Times.  Nice to see a balanced POV in the mainstream media. Apparently, while they had a bigger venue in New York than Philadelphia, they did not have a bigger audience.  Only a few hundred according to reports.


I’m seeing that we really got gypped in Philly regarding playing time and set-list.  I think they played about half of this at their Philadelphia show at the Underground Arts Theater. .

TANGERINE DREAM – The Electric Mandarine Tour2012
1. The Sensational Fall Of The Master Builder
2. Dolphin Dance
3. Cliffs Of Sydney
4. Song Of The Whale (to Dusk)
5. Ayumi’s Loom
6. Logos
7. Marmontel Riding On A Clef
8. Oriental Haze
9. Love On A Real Train
10. Underwater Sunlight
11. Homeless
12. Going West
13. One Night In Space
14. The Silver Boots Of Bartlett Green
1. Ricochet Piano + Ricochet Song
2. Hoël Dhat The Alchemist
3. Lady Monk
4. Long Island
5. Blue Bridge
6. Alchemy Of The Heart
7. Warsaw In The Sun
8. Horizon
9. Teetering Scale
10. Transition
11. Girl On The Stairs
12. Loved By The Sun
13. Stratosfear

“Stratosfear!”  “Phaedra!” “Horizon!”  We wuz robbed.

~© 2012 John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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