CD of The Month Poll Results.

We recently polled Echoes CD of the Month Club members about their favorite club CDs over the last year.  As we get ready to think about our year end Best of Echoes poll, I thought everyone might enjoy reading some of the results.

Overall, people seemed very happy with the CD of the Month Club selections.    To the question, “What can we do to improve the CD of the Month Club?” people said:

“Selections from time to time could be more energetic. I enjoy the relaxing music, but sometimes an album with a beat would be nice.”

“I’ve yet to receive a selection that I haven’t enjoyed or not listened to multiple times”

“Personally, I don’t think it needs improvement. I enjoy the different music that comes to my mailbox each month, and rarely do I find that I just can’t listen to it.”

And my favorite: “Rejoined!”

Below you’ll find the rankings.  Dead Can Dance and Marconi Union were not just number one and two, they ran away with it.  Although a couple of people truly hated Dead Can Dance, far more really loved the album.  Comments ran from “Super Choice” to “I really dislike Dead Can Dance. Tremendously. ” All of the Marconi Union comments were positive.

Thierry David’s Stellar Connection and Sebastian Plano’s The Arrythmical Part of Hearts tied, with David getting the upper slot on a tie-breaker.  I was especially heartened that people enjoyed the Plano, which was a more challenging album.   There was a slight split in the comments  on The Arrythmical Part of Hearts.

One person wrote: “complex and rich music with undertones of frivolity” while another said, “We are not with you at all on this one. This is only the second time since 1992 that your pick cratered on impact.”  I like it when there’s a divergence of opinion.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Echoes CD of the Month Poll.

 CD of the Month Member Favorites.

1- Dead Can Dance Anastasis

2- Marconi Union Different Colours

3- Thierry David’s Stellar Connection

4- Sebastian Plano The Arrythmical Part of Hearts

5  Todd Boston Touched by the Sun

6  Darshan Ambient Dream In Blue

7  Forastiere’s From 1 to 8

8  Akara Extradimensional Ethnography

9  Air’s Le Voyage Dans La Lune

10 Tino Izzo’s Morning Scapes

11 Coyote Jump Waking from the Roots

~© 2012 John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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