Echoes Top 25 for December.

It’s the last monthly Top 25 for 2012

Depature SongsHammock heads up the list, following on their #2 appearance in the Best of Echoes 2012 listener poll, followed by the #1 CD on that list, Dead Can Dance’s Anastasis.   It was a very electronic month.  In fact, you have to go down to #23 and Jeff Pearce’s In the Season of Fading Light to find a record you could call acoustic. I’m working on the 25 Essential Echoes CDs for 2012 right now which comes later today so I don’t want to muddy the waters too much.  But here’s your second to last breath of 2012.


  1. Hammock – Departure Songs (Hammock) Departure Songs - Hammock
  2. Dead Can Dance – Anastasis (Pias America) Anastasis - Dead Can Dance
  3. v/a – The Ambient Zone – Just Music Café vol 4 (Just Music) The Ambient Zone Just Music Cafe Vol 4 - Various Artists
  4. Azure Ray – As Above So Below (Saddle Creek) As Above So Below - EP - Azure Ray
  5. Darshan Ambient – Falling Light (Lotuspike) Falling Light - Darshan Ambient
  6. Anawaty/Russell – Analog Universe (Anawaty/Russell) Analog Universe
  7. Koan – Argonautica (Section Records) Koan - Argonautica
  8. The Album Leaf – Forward/Return (The Album Leaf) Forward / Return - The Album Leaf
  9. Jean Baudin – Mechanisms (Jean Baudin) Jean Baudin - Mechanisms
  10. Tycho – Dive (Ghostly International) Dive - Tycho
  11. Saul Stokes – Formation (Saul Stokes)
  12. Brian Eno – Lux (Warp Records)
  13. Vic Hennegan – Nebula Waves (Alien Tribes Music) Vic Hennegan - Nebula Waves
  14. Balmorhea – Stranger (Western Vinyl) Stranger - Balmorhea
  15. Tangerine Dream – (Eastgate Music & Art) The Angel of the West Window
  16. Craig Padilla- The Heart of the Soul (Spotted Peccary) Craig Padilla - The Heart of the Soul
  17. v/a – Ornamental (Projekt) Ornamental - various artists
  18. Trifonic – Ninth Wave (Trifonic Music LLC) Trifonic - Ninth Wave
  19. All India Radio – Red Shadow Landing (Inevitable) Red Shadow Landing - All India Radio
  20. Hibernation – Second Nature (Interchill Records) Hibernation - Second Nature
  21. Little People – We Are But Hunks of Wood (Youth & Progress) We Are But Hunks of Wood - Little People
  22. Bryan Carrigan – Windows (Peonies Music) Windows - Bryan Carrigan
  23. Jeff Pearce – In the Season of Fading Light (Jeff Pearce Music) In the Season of Fading Light - Jeff Pearce
  24. Sylvain Carel – Caravansary (AD Music) Sylvain Carel - Caravansary
  25. Connect.Ohm – 9980 (Ultimae) 9980 - Connect.Ohm

    Look for 25 ESSENTIAL ECHOES CDS later today

    ~© 2012 John Diliberto ((( echoes

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