Progressive Reverberations in Echoes Top 25

Ulrich Schnauss Falls to the Top of Echoes Top 25

Ulrich Schnauss - A Long Way to FallMusic with Progressive Rock roots dominates the Echoes Top 25 for FebruaryUlrich Schnauss’ A Long Way to Fall was the Echoes CD of the Month. His inspirations are in 70s German space music and Krautrock as are all the musicians on the Manikin Records Second Decade 2002-2012  collection as well as Ian Boddy and Bertrand LoreauBrian Reitzel, the soundtrack composer  looks to Pink Floyd for adapting “Moonlight Sonata” to a post-rock sound on his score to Boss, while Jon Durant & Colin Edwin are the children of Genesis, King Crimson and the Mahavisnu Orchestra, not to mention that Edwin is a member of the progrock band, Porcupine Tree.   Check out the rest of the Progressive evolution in the Echoes Top 25 for February.


    1. Ulrich Schnauss – A Long Way to Fall (Domino)
    2. Brian Reitzel – Boss (OST) (Lakeshore)
    3. v/a – Manikin Records Second Decade 2002-2012 (Manikin)
    4. Jon Durant and Colin Edwin – Burnt Belief (Alchemy) iTunes
    5. Scott August – Hidden Journey (Cedar Mesa Music)
    6. Jesse Cook – The Blue Guitar Sessions (Entertainment One) The Blue Guitar Sessions (Deluxe Edition) - Jesse Cook
    7. Tom Griesgraber & Bert Lams – Unnamed Lands (Inner Knot)
    8. v/a – Focus Features 10th Anniversary – A Collection of Film Score (Focus Features)
    9. Ludovico Einaudi – In a Time Lapse (Ponderosa Music & Art)
    10. Anawaty/Russell – Analog Universe (Anawaty/Russel) iTunes
    11. Banco de Gaia – Apollo (Disco Gecko Recordings)
    12. Koan – Argonautica (Section Records) iTunes
    13. Ian Boddy – Sepulchre (DiN)
    14. Ric Hordinski – Arthur’s Garden (Ol Kentuck Recordings)
    15. Ballake Sissoko – At Peace (Six Degrees)
    16. Gandalf – Dreamweaver (Real Music)
    17. Helen Jane Long – Intervention (BLE Records)
    18. Spiro – Kaleidophonica (Real World)
    19. Jean Baudin – Mechanisms (Jean Baudin) Just to Feel Anything - Emeralds
    20. Orenda Blu – Sacred Chants (Paradise Music)
    21. Sumner McKane – Select Visual History (Sumner McKane)
    22. Tina Malia – The Lost Frontier (Tina Malia)
    23. Kaki King – Glow (Velour) Glow - Kaki King
    24. Chronotope Project – Chrysalis (Relaxed Machinery)
    25. Bertrand Loreau – Journey Through the Past (Spheric Music)

~John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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