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Neil Armstrong, Brian Eno, Icebreaker, Apollo.

August 27, 2012

Neil Armstrong

Tonight on Echoes we’ll be airing an interview with Icebreaker and BJ Cole talking about their beautiful cover of Brian’s Eno’s 1983 collaboration with Roger Eno and Daniel LanoisApollo-Atmospheres and Soundtracks.  Our show was recorded last Friday, making it to early too comment on the passing of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon.    With Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, Air’s Le Voyage Dans La LuneIcebreaker’s Apollo, and the Curiosity Mars Rover

Icebreaker – Apollo

it has been a lunar and interstellar year.   Now with the passing of Neil Armstrong,  it all comes into sharper and more poignant focus.  I wish I could r-ecut that show to honor one of the few men to experience a dream that many of us have had, to travel to other worlds and touch the stars.  But when you listen to James Poke and BJ Cole talking about Eno’s classic album tonight, think of Neil Armstrong.

Echoes affiliate WEXT will be dedicating an hour of songs to the man on the moon, Neil Armstrong at noon eastern time, today (8/27/2012) , spun by Chris Wienck at  Exit 97.7 WEXT You can catch them online.

Neil Armstrong, traveling the spaceways forever.

Here’s a clip of Icebreaker’s liver performance of Apollo in 2010.  An album of that event has just been released.

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Brian Eno Makes 2nd Apollo Moon Landing

July 9, 2009

ApolloBrian Eno Relaunches Apollo, Live.

Brian Eno has been extremely busy lately. When he’s not producing U2, Coldplay or some other pop phenom, he’s been staging multi-day festivals in Sydney and now he’s relaunching Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks. Apollo is an ionic Eno release, full of atmosphere, never-ending melodies and shimmering lap steel guitar. Originally performed as a studio concoction by Eno, his brother Roger and Daniel Lanois, it will be staged for the first time ever as a live performance in London at the Science Museum on July 20 and 21. This won’t be the album played live, but a reimagining of the work by Korean composer Jun Lee and performed by Icebreaker with pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole.
A nice interview with Eno talking about it appears in The New Scientist magazine.

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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