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Tangents-Echoes Live CD

November 5, 2012

All Tangents Lead to Echoes

Hear ALL of Tangents tonight on Echoes.

Tangents is the latest collection of live music performances from the Echoes Living Room  and once again, it’s a seamless trip through the Echoes soundscape with exclusive live recordings.

Centering Tangents is Ozric Tentacles who absolutely ripped our heads off with their live performance.  Spinning out synthesizer swirls, grooving drums and trance bass, they literally dropped the floor out of the Echoes Living Room and sent us hurtling through space.

Carving a different dimension in space  is the German-Dutch trio of Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder. Playing “Red One,” they traverse a largely improvised soundscape on synthesizers and electronic percussion, recalling the heady days of German space music.  Like most retro-space groups, they clock in with the longest track, although it’s abbreviated compared to most of their compositions which can stretch over 30 minutes in length.

Ozric Tentacles Live on Echoes

Trumpeter Jeff Oster conjures his own spaces, improvising in loops and effects with bassist Michael Manring and electric slide guitarist Carl Weingarten.  You can hear hints of Miles Davis circa Get Up With It as these three musicians create an intuitive improvisation of viscous colors.

Acoustic guitarists are always a part of Echoes and Living Room Concert CDs, but even they like to plug in and process their sound.  Todd Boston spins a hypnotic web of guitar and a touch of flute with “Celtic Heart.”  Despite its name, “Celtic Heart” is a raga-infused track that builds from a tamboura-like drone under meditative flute, gradually evolving into a web of acoustic guitar filigree that

Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder in Echoes Record Den

made it a perfect opening for Tangents.  Italy’s Sergio Altamura is also a looper, creating an acoustic chamber guitar ensemble complete with percussion, all played in real time in a gorgeously serene piece.  Of the solo guitarists, only Glenn Jones plays it straight, at least in terms of acoustics.  Otherwise, he took his 12-string guitar into melodic mazes that make him one of the leading bearers of the John Fahey, American Primitive Guitar torch. What a perfectly pure ending to the journey of Tangents.

Johanna Cranitch with Omnichord live on Echoes.

Tangents may have more singers than any previous Echoes CD as dream pop floats into the show’s soundscape.  Low Roar, the performance persona of Ryan Karaziya, brought his moody, often heartrending songs into the Echoes living room, channeling Nick Drake into a more atmospheric sound.  Frankie Rose had one of the more rocking sessions on Echoes, including her anthemic track “Moon in My Mind” with that great Echoes & the Bunnymen reverb guitar and charge-up-the-hill chorus.  And finally, Johanna and the Dusty Floor brought a mixture of bittersweet nostalgia to the Echoes living room with “Heavy Heart.”

A couple of acoustic chamber groups also grace Tangents.  The new acoustic trio, One Alternative makes their second appearance with one of guitarist Mark Oppenlander’s songs, “Sweetness-n-Light.”  They’ve been around for 30 years, but around even longer than them is Wall Matthews who was making ambient records in the mid-1970s with the Entourage Theater and Music Ensemble.  He came into to play the delicate chamber music off his CD The Dreaming Light.

Volker Goetze & Ablaye Cissoko in Echoes Record Den

There’s always one artist on these discs who, on the surface, doesn’t seem to fit in, but the serene and soulful sound of Senegalese kora player Ablaye Cissoko and German trumpeter Volker Goetze goes as directly to the heart as anyone on Tangents.

I’m sitting in the actual Echoes Record Den right now where many of these tracks were recorded.  As I listen to Tangents, these musicians seem to appear before my eyes, whether it’s Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder amongst a tangle of wires and keyboards or Cissoko & Goetze communing with just a trumpet and a kora.

Tangents is here because I want you to have that same experience. As Ryan Karaziya sings on Low Roar’s “Friends Make Garbage, Good Friends Take It Out”: “What’s the fun when you can’t share what you have found.”

Travel through Tangents and hear music that will change your world and send you off into new tangents. You can get it here.

~© 2012 John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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Ozric Tentacles-Still Psychedelic After All These Years.

April 2, 2012

Ozric Tentacles Paper Monkeys

While retrofitting an interview with Ozric Tentacles to run on Echoes this Wednesday, April 4, I stumbled across this video interview and live performance from the band.  The interview is pretty fluffy, but about half way in they go into their Colorado  studio and play live in a great sounds and nicely produced segment.  Ozric Tentacles makes music that will spin your mind around and just about everything else. And as you can witness in this video, they do it all live.   The band is just starting the U.S. leg of a 3 month tour.  I’ll be hosting the date at Sellersville Theater near Philadelphia on Friday, April 6.  Look for Ozric live on Echoes later this month.  They’re slated to be in the Echoes Living Room on April 14.

~© 2012 John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

Hear Ozric Tentacles interview on on Echoes Wednesday April 2.

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Ozric Tentacles, Natural Born Chillers and YumYum Music

April 7, 2009

Ozric picks the fruit of The YumYum Tree & Natural Born Chillers Return

The Yum Yum Tree Two slices of downtempo psychedelia have crossed over recently.

Ozric Tentacles follows up their last studio album, The Floor Is Too Far Away with a new one called The YumYum Tree.    It’s another foray of deeply electrified psychedelic journeys.   Synthesizers pulse while drums, probably programmed by Ed Wynne, propel these grooves like a   hovercraft tunneling through the depths of the Matrix.  Ozric Tentacles tunnels through your mind with Wynne whipping out delirious shards of electric guitar and extended solos.  I can’t say there’s much sonic variation here from any other Ozric album, but once you swallow the red pill, you’re in for a trip even if it does have a sense of  “everything that has happened before will happen again.”  But Wynne works with such an expansive palette that it never gets dull tossing in ethnic touches like the plucked shamisen (or is it oud) on “Oddweird” or the reggae bridge on “Mooncalf.”  But usually, just the burning guitar solos over heavy fusion grooves and hyperkinetic synths on “Plant Music” are enough.

alephz12-front-jacketAnother CD, Natural Born Chillers 2 takes multiple ethic directions and unites them on a field of electronics.   As its title implies, it’s the followup to a a great 2004 collection put together by DJ Shahar and Yaniv Shulman of Israel’s AlephZero Records. Yaniv is also the Shulman behind the electronica act that takes his surname.  It’s another collection of trance-global, psychedelic, down-tempo moods that shake your ass and your head.  There’s a clear arc on  Natural Born Chillers 2 , easing you in with Hibernation‘s  slide guitar ethno-Americana ambiences and taking you out with Eitan Reiter‘s electronic scribbles and flute sampled meditation, “Coffee.”

In between is Bluetech,  who ups the groove factor with “Prayers for Rain,” off his Prima Materia/Elementary Particles CDs.   Ott conducts at least the third remix of this track working with Bluetech’s patented chromium electronics and melodic moiré patterns.   3 Wise Monkeys and Majan take a dub approach.  The Monkeys is a lighter, jammier party with sixties touches of jazz flute while Majan’s “Explore It” has a darker dub hue, with skronky fuzzed synth leads and a nastier groove that takes a more prosaic turn halfway through with, once again on this collection, some slide guitar.  Tau Kita takes the Sphongle approach of hiccuping, glitched vocal samples emerging into grooves that shift from mad fusion runs to pastoral, Indian ruminations, all underscoring a cavalcade of sampled riffs and sound effects.

Agalactia with Midival Punditz shifts the mood to India with singers intoning rhythmic bols  and funky Bollywood grooves with sitar flourishes, and the Punditz go it on their own with “Vande Maataram (Electro-Indian Mix).”  The whole Kirtan chant fusion thing has gotten tiring but Outersect, from San Francisco, takes it on a different tact with Betsy-La‘s powerful vocals pushing this in a pop direction that reminds me of Sandy Denny from Fairport Convention, but over funky eastern grooves and percolating synth pads.  There’s a few other treats on NBC2, including Pi‘s sultry and  hypnotic, smoke-filled lounge grooves on “Numb.”

Rave culture has faded, the circuit boards of electronica are frayed and global fusion is becoming homogenized, but the musicians of Ozric Tentacles and Natural Born Chillers 2 are still sounding like they’ve just discovered it for the first time.  And in the case of Ozric, who have been around since 1985, that’s quite an accomplishment.

By the way, while seeking out a meaningful definition of Yum Yum Tree, I came across this video by the rapper Ludacris.  Remember when drug references were coded like “White Rabbit” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?’

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

Echo Location: Ozric Tentacles

August 6, 2008

The program director of an Echoes affiliate asked, “Are those guys still around?”  But Ozric Tentacles are still taking trips to the center of your mind.

(You can hear an audio version of this Echo Location, with music.)

Guitarist Ed Wynne was only born in 1961, but he has a unique perspective on the 1960s. Growing up in London, he lived in a duplex home next door to psychedelic folkie, Donovan.

Ed Wynne: Yeah, yeah, he rented half the house we lived in when I was growing up, it was very normal to have Donovan around the place and…
Brandi Wynne: And normal to have the Beatles around the place.
Ed Wynne: Yeah, yeah, they were popping in as well, and um stuff, yeah.
Brandi Wynne: Jimi Hendrix.
Ed Wynne: Yeah, it was funny in school when Donovan use to pick me up from school sometimes he was, you know we if my mom was busy or something and he’d come and pick me up from school, funny.

It was all just another magical mystery day for Ed Wynne. He was too young to actually participate in the 1960s revolution, but he made up for it when he formed a band called Ozric Tentacles at the Stonehenge Free Festival in 1984. Ozric Tentacles created a bridge from 60s acid rock to 80s rave culture.
Erpland/Jurassic Shift Erpland

Ed Wynne is the only original member left in Ozric Tentacles. He’s a goofily affable presence on stage with shaggy brown hair curling down to his shoulders. He’s managed to keep this band going through shifting trends, releasing over 30 albums and becoming the Grateful Dead of space music. Ozric layers syncopated grooves, synthesizer swirls, deep throb bass lines and serrated guitar solos from Wynne. He was heavily influenced by the band Gong and their guitarist, Steve Hillage.  (Hear Hillage Echo Location here)

Ed Wynne: First off the guitar did not necessarily sound like a guitar to me, and I thought well okay, there you go, that opens up a whole little door way there.

Like Hillage, Ed Wynne can turn a single strummed chord into an epic tone poem, morphing it through effects and torquing a whammy bar the way Picasso wielded a brush.

A lot of musicians have passed through Ozric Tentacles including some that have gone on to play in Eat Static, Transglobal Underground and Jamiroquai. Currently Ed Wynne and his wife, bassist Brandi Wynne, continue waving the Ozric freak flag high. With Ozric Tentacles, you strap yourself in and hold tight for the ride.

The latest album from Ozric Tentacles is a live set and DVD called Sunrise Festival. This has been an Echo Location, Soundings for New Music.
Sunrise Festival

(You can hear an audio version of this Echo Location, with music.)

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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